Sunday, December 15, 2013

Booked Through Mid-January

A quick FYI: unless you're already in the queue or I've spoken to you before today about a possible project in the next few weeks (you know who you are--if not, just ask!), I am currently booked for clients through mid-January 2014. I'm not closed, I am just not taking on new projects that are due during that time frame that I am not expecting/haven't penciled in for consideration. I want to make sure every project currently on my plate--and future ones--have the time and attention they deserve.

If you would like to book in advance for late-January, February, March, or beyond, please feel free contact me, just know I likely won't be able to start work until the New Year. This does not apply to premade covers, which can be customized and delivered within a day or two of purchase at any time.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for your continued support!